Our mission


Coin du Roi is an opera company focused on revaluating preromantic opera in exquisite venues. At the same time, we bring in Italy a repertoire that lacks in the country that inspired it and give the opportunity for beautiful but small venues to host opera performances.

Our project is unique: Coin du Roi is presently the only privately funded opera company that specializes in preromantic opera in Italy. Our productions are fully staged, philological and made in Italy. Our casts are selected among the best specialists in this repertoire from all over the world, while our stable orchestra is made of young Italian players guided by world-class solo principals. We follow the authors’ aesthetics, but do not neglect a confrontation with the perception of todays audience. Our choices are then historically funded but always modern and creative, trying to find the artistic synthesis between tradition and innovation, past and present.

A main element of our value proposition is the restoration of the social value that opera had in the XVIII century. Baroque theatres were among the most important nexuses of cultural exchange in those societies. Our activity is thus centered in the relationship with and between members of our association. They are entitled not only to a seat for every performance we make, but also to a series of social and cultural events (concerts, gala dinners, musical trips, themed soiree, magazines).

Coin du Roi is in other words much more than an opera company: Coin du Roi is an answer to the crisis of culture in Italy. We are an entirely under 30 team, strongly passionate and technically prepared. We would like to propose the first all-engaging cultural experience, creating the perfect place to be for those who believe in the highest value of culture and would like to share this atmosphere with similarly distinguished persons.

Coin du Roi, Empowering Exclusivity!