Coin du Roi’s activity is strongly oriented also in divulgation by creating immersive and historically informed experiences, beyond just period instruments, as well as with video documentaries on baroque music and on the importance of active participation.


In partnership with Sky Classica HD, Coin du Roi produced two video documentaries on its activity and on the birth of baroque opera in Europe. Directors Antonio La Camera and Francesco Condino dedicated another documentary to the backstage of our opera production Dittico Pergolesi:

Mettiamoci all’opera!
Retorica e Affetti
Prima del Dittico

Educationnal activities:

On the occasion of the staging of Apollo et Hyacinthus, a workshop was organized on the stage of Teatro Litta to give children the chance to get in contact with the creation of an opera. This particular piece, wrote by Mozart at the age of 11, helped us to overcome the usual barriers that classical music faces when trying to communicate with young audiences. The students had the opportunity to walk the stage, to participate completely and as protagonists.

On the occasion of our concert at Teatro Sociale in Como, for the 8th edition of “Orchstra in Gioco”,┬áthe children learned how to analyse the various part of a concert during an interactive lecture with Christian Frattima, the Coin du Roi Orchestra and soloists Davide Alogna and Roberto Prosseda.

Orchestra in Gioco – Como