Apollo et Hyacinthus (1767)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Libretto by Rufinus Widl


Apollo et Hyacinthus K 38 is the very first opera ever written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he was barely 11. However, this intermezzo in three acts and in latin language already proves its infinite genius. It was commissioned by father Rufinus Widl as an intermezzo for his piece Clementia Croesi. Although the musical language strongly depends on the Galant and late baroque Italian styles, the score has a unique energy and originality. Especially if we pay attention to the way virtuoso singing is treated, which reminds us of the Austrian composers of the mid XVIII century, e.g. Florian Leopold Gassman. The performance will be completed with two early symohonies (first and the second) that Mozart composed in those years.

As always when Coin du Roi is on stage, our opera nights will be gladdened with a refined and historical “XVIII century buffet” during the pause. The baroque total experience thus extends from sight and hearing to taste and smell, enjoying precious recipes reinterpreting the of the delights of the royal courts: oysters, champagne, seasoned prosciutto and much more. For the owners of our best seats (Fila d’onore and Poltronissime), the buffet will be included in the ticket price.


Coin du Roi Orchestra

Ars Cantica Choir


Conductor: Christian Frattima
Stage direction: Alessio Pizzech
Sets and costumes: Davide Amadei


Oebalus: Graziano Schiavone
Melia: Elina Shimkus
Hyacinthus: Vilija Mikštaitė
Apollo: Alessandro Giangrande
Zephyrus: Valeria Girardello

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