La serva padrona (1733) / Livietta e Tracollo (1734)

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Libretti by Gennaro Antonio Federico and Tomaso Mariani


The last two and possibly the most significant Neapolitan intermezzos in the history of music. This genre was so called because it was usually performed between the first and the second act of opere serie, and from these experiences comes the buffo genre. Pergolesi is a master in brilliant and enjoyable musical content, showing well why these pieces counted supporters as Diderot, d’Alembert and Rousseau. La serva padrona, a world-famous opera, develops in a bourgeois milieu, while Livietta e Tracollo deals with the problems of humble people.

As always when Coin du Roi is on stage, our opera nights will be gladdened with a refined and historical “XVIII century buffet” during the pause. The baroque total experience thus extends from sight and hearing to taste and smell, enjoying precious recipes reinterpreting the of the delights of the royal courts: oysters, champagne, seasoned prosciutto and much more. For the owners of our best seats (Fila d’onore and Poltronissime), the buffet will be included in the ticket price.


pergolesiCoin du Roi Orchestra


Conductor: Christian Frattima
Stage direction, Sets and Costumes: Athos Collura


Serpina / Livietta: Aurora Tirotta
Uberto / Tracollo: Carmine Monaco

New production Coin du Roi