Serse (1738)

Georg Friedrich Händel

Anonymous libretto inspired by Nicolò Minato and Silvio Stampiglia


Almost 20 years after the last italian production, this masterpiece of the baroque baroque repertoire, this milestone of the XVIII century singing technique revives in Italy. And for the first time in the country where opera was born, Xerxes will be staged fully, without cuts and with historical instruments.

The quality of the score is well represented by its very first vocal page: the famous “Ombra mai fu”. As opera semi-seria, Serse is also memorable for the pre-metastasian mix of buffo and serio figures. The humor of the dramma per musica is in fact very refined and iconoclast and, as Mozart will understand in the next decades, does not distinguish between solemn protagonists and comic parts, ironizing both of them. Moreover it is possible to trace a unitary composing principle through the whole score, something rare in the XVIII century production, almost stuck in closed numbers.



Coin du Roi Orchestra
Ars Cantica Choir (28, 29/05)

Conductor: Christian Frattima
Choirmaster: Marco Berrini
Stage director: Valentino Klose
Sets and costumes: Alessandra Boffelli Serbolisca



Serse: Vilija Mikštaitė
Arsamene: Jud Perry
Amastre: Alessandra Visentin
Romilda: Viktorija Bakan
Atalanta: Arianna Stornello
Ariodate: Stefano Cianci
Elviro: Claudio Ottino

New production Coin du Roi