Coin du Roi: pourquoi?

During the XVII century in France, opera was suddenly brought at the center of public life. The so called “Querelle des Bouffons” split the court in half: the “Coin du Roi” (King’s Corner), supporting Lully, Rameau and Gluck, versus “Coin de la Reine” (Queen’s Corner), supporting Italian operas of Orlandini and Pergolesi. The former defended the solemnity and grandeur of French opera, the latter the immediate and enjoyable Italian genre.

Notwithstanding the fact that the latter counted intellectuals as Rousseau, Diderot and d’Alembert, King Louis XV decided at last to solve the dispute by banishing the buffo manner from French theatres.




1353950753992Our main venue: Teatro Litta, the earliest still existing court theatre in Milan


Coin du roi today

The Coin du Roi association was created to restore the social values that animated the “Querelle” and the XVIII century lifestyle. To the low level of today’s cultural diatribes, we would like to oppose art as a principle of spiritual elevation. The strength of the atmosphere of a precious opera house where a high level performance takes place can bring back that magic. Refined music and scenes, beautiful locations, precious wines and food are the perfect frame to recreate a societas of members united by love for beauty and art.

The support of membership fees proves that it is possible, today, in Italy, to foster high level culture with a totally private patronage, based on perceived product quality. A symbolic answer to the increasing problems of state-owned theatres. A significant signal in 2015 for Milan, where EXPO takes place and the whole world will be waiting to see if the county that nourished most of western art (and especially opera) is still able to be on the artistic competitive frontier.

Becoming a member of Coin du Roi thus means endorsing the noblest idea of culture as a crucial social value. for which a group of selected and passionate private individuals is responsible. It means creating a symbolic haven for our tradition and heritage, shaking the sloth of everyday’s life. A safe corner for collective spiritual elevation in the desert of our world.




Membership fees:

Supporter – 1.500 €
Member – 600 €

Our members are entitled to access all our activities for the 2015 season. The membership includes moreover many exclusive benefits:

  • Preference channel for best seats for any performance of the season
  • Seated buffet during the intervals
  • Program Books for all the performances
  • Reserved seats for the preparatory lecture-concerts before every opera performance
  • Subscription to our cultural lifestyle magazine
  • Invitation to the opening gala dinner
  • Inscription in the board of the Friends of Coin du Roi for Supporters

Only full membership gives thus the opportunity for a full immersion in the cultural experience that we are creating. Our first season follows in particular the development of the XVIII century. The three main events are the three opera performances at Teatro Litta (Serse in May, Il re pastore in October and La serva padrona / Livietta e Tracollo in December). Each of these will be prepared by a lecture concert exclusive for members, who will also enjoy our concert season during the year. Our stable orchestra will be specialized in monthly themed soirees to rediscover what life was like in the XVIII century. The opening in may will moreover be celebrated with a gala dinner included in the membership fee.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.